Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cake Time

So, I realize I just did a tribute post to Logan for his first year, but I wanted to put up some pictures of the family gathering we had for his birthday. This is for the grandmas who couldn't be there!
The theme of his bash was camping.

If you can't tell his smash cake was a my measly attempt at a campfire. We had a BBQ, campfire and s'mores roasting in our back yard.

Opening presents, kind of.

This was hilarious so I had to include it...this is Logan's cousin. So we had dinner and cake in our backyard and so I planted some flowers a couple nights before to try to spiffy our yard up. Here's one of them that Abby found and was walking around with. I am happy to report that flower is still alive.

Just starting to dig in...

The smearing stage...

Pretty much demolished.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!

Last Thursday, May 22, Logan turned 1 year old! I am so proud of all of his accomplishments in the past year; he has done and learned so much.

We waited a long time for him to come into our family, but he was worth every minute of waiting, every minute of throwing up my first two trimesters, and every minute of my extremely swollen feet (ok, let's be real...every minute of my extremely swollen body.) I never knew I could be so excited to see my own ankles and collar bone again!

Here are a few things that make him who he is, and some of my favorite things about him:

1. His absolute favorite food is applesauce. We call it the magic food because we can pretty much combine it with anything green and he will eat it. Magic!

2. Logan was one week late. Ug. 12 hours after my water broke he finally made his debut into the world.

3. He stands up in his crib and jumps on the mattress out of excitement when we walk into his room when he wakes up from a nap. Of course the mattress is old and bows in the middle, so it is pretty much like a trampoline for him.

4. He has a contagious smile. From very early on Logan has been brimming with smiles to share with everyone.

5. He is a wonderful sleeper. From 3 or 4 weeks on he has slept pretty much through the night (with exception of bouts of sickness and teething, don't we just love teething?). I attribute all of his success to three things: (1) I am very blessed from above (2) He weighed a great 9 lb 5 oz when born and (3) This book.

6.His hair. We are embracing the mullet for now until I can get up the courage to admit that my baby is old enough for his first hair cut!

7. When either Ben or I walk in the door, Logan will now crawl over to greet us waiting to be picked up and hugged and loved on.

8. He absolutely hates having his face wiped off. He screams like I am cutting off his arms any time we get close to his face with a rag. So this may explain any dirty faces you will see on him in the future.

9. Logan is very, very ticklish, especially on his back.

10. He is a very content kid, most of the time. He has always had a laid-back personality and is very content with life most of the time. He has always been patient with Ben and me, for sure.

11. Last time we checked, his head was in the 95th percentile. That would be the Johnson genes. :-)

Happy Birthday Logan- congratulations, you survived your first year with me as your mom. We love you very much!

Bear Lake Classic

Last Saturday we ventured up to Bear Lake where Ben rode in a 50 mile race. The race went all the way around the lake so it was a pretty view, but he pretty much didn't see anything but the road and the tires 6" in front of him.

Dave Cook also came to ride in the race with Ben. We actually packed everything (very snuggly) into his car to drive up there.

We camped the night before at the resort where the race starts and ends. It was Logan's second time camping, and it was freezing that night, but he did great! We cheered the boys on at the starting line, played around for a couple hours then made the 1 mile trek from the campground to the finish line to watch the guys come in.

Here are the guys and their bikes before the race, just about to take off for a warm up ride. Here they are at the front of the starting line waiting for the go. Logan at the finish line. Can you tell it was nap time? Ben crossing the finish line after 2 hours 16 minutes of a grueling pace of 22.4 avg mph. As you can tell, the finish line was out in the middle of no where, but it was very beautiful. The cheering crowd. :-) There really was a crowd of spectators on the other side of the road, you just can't see them.

Logan even got to see his first cows in person on the walk back to the campground. Always exciting.

Family pic after the race with Bear Lake in the background. Too bad the water was way too cold to swim in! On the trip home. After a day of being in the sun and wind, and 2 hours past his nap time, Logan was ready to go. He was asleep not even 5 minutes into the trip. What a trooper! Good job Dave and Ben - you guys did awesome! Ben is going to post more pics of the race with more attention to detail here soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fatherhood and Heat

Two updates from my day:

1. Ben took his newly clean, favorite pair of jeans out of the dryer this morning and put them on to wear to work.

15 minutes later there was a big smear of Logan-poo on them due to a blow out. Oh the joys of fatherhood and diarrhea.

2. It is currently 83 degrees in my house. Time to break out the swamp cooler.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No I'm not pregnant - Happy Mother's Day

So I realize this is the day after Mother's Day, but welcome to my day behind everyone else!

Just to clarify, in case I started any rumors with the first picture of my last post, I am not pregnant and won't be in the near future. Sorry to the Grandmas. But speaking of pregnancy, Primary was pretty funny yesterday...

I asked the kids during closing exercises, "What do mothers do for us?"

child #1: "They teach us the dospel" (he pronounces his g's as d's, very cute)

child #2: "They love us"

child #3: "They make more of us"

me: "Do you mean they make us better and be the best we can be?"

*thought kicks in...this boy has a brand new baby brother this week*

me: "or do you mean they make more people?"

child #3: "yeah"

me: *while trying not to laugh* "They sure do."

I love being a mom and am thankful for my time in Primary so far. I have come to realize how sweet, pure and innocent children are (most of the time). If you find yourself in a rotten mood, just step into your local primary for 5 minutes and become enlightened. It does a body good. Happy Mother's Day to my own mother and the many great mothers and mothers-to-be who I know read this blog.