Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's officially midnight as I'm typing right now and that means Christmas is officially over. What a sad thing! Today was so perfect and I don't want it to end yet, therefore to stretch today out, I'll blog about it:

Logan is officially big now. All month, whenever Logan has asked what he wants from Santa he just says " a big boy bed!" We decided it was finally Logan's time to graduate from the crib (we put this off as long as we could)! So this morning Logan got what he wished for (thanks to Tamara we got a free toddler bed, thanks to Kristy it no longer has Nascar stickers on it--big bummer, I know--and thanks to Andy for helping me make a quilt for it!)

He was ecstatic to actually see his big boy bed "under" the tree this morning. Here's the evidence:

He rolled and jumped and frolicked all day on his bed. It will be hard for Santa to beat this present next year!

Fearing the sudden freedom of our toddler, we anticipated putting him back to bed many times tonight, but this is what we found 1/2 hour after laying him down tonight:

But then just a half hour ago, he had found his way out of bed, and either tripped on a chair or ran into a baby gate, causing a nose bleed and much screaming. We'll see how the rest of tonight goes.

*Update* I just heard some jabbering from Lo's room, so I went to check on him and sure enough there he was just standing waiting for someone to come. Here goes attempt #3 to put him to bed.

Lo playing with all his animals

Lo's awesome bookshelf that Ben made. It just needs to be painted now.

Savoring candy from his stocking

Because we were away from my home this Christmas, I made the traditional Christmas breakfast casserole that we have every year. Yum!

Ben and Lo playing with Legos from his stocking (a Parker tradition)

It was so nice to have a relaxing day full of family, fun and play! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ever since Logan hit his second language spurt a little bit ago and his vocabulary is growing bit by bit, little conversations are actually possible now. Let me tell you... this makes the half hour at the lunch table much more interesting than staring at each other and out the window. :-)

Well since these little conversations have been happening, there have been some things I've been explaining to little toddler ears that I never in a lifetime pictured myself verbalizing.

For example, the other night our conversation (keep in mind these are simple "conversations" here) went like this:

At the dinner table...

Logan: (burped, smiled, looked at me and pointed to his mouth) "I tooted in my mouf!"

Me: "um... well... kind of..."

I then proceeded to explain (and point with my hand) in toddler terms where burps come from and where toots come from. I was going to post the entire conversation, but I think I will just spare you the actual words that came from my "mouf".

I'm so glad that Logan is comprehending more and conversing, but I have a feeling this will not be the last of toddler conversations. Or grade school conversations... or teenager conversations...*shudder*.

On a not-so-different topic, can I just say how much I love boys?

This very well could have been the same night at the dinner table...

"What are they looking at" you ask? That would be toe jam (who thought of that word anyway? Gross.) A bonding moment between father and son, picking out toe jam together.... at the dinner table.

And I often see half-naked prancing around the house with "fire boots" on. If you can't tell, those are his rubber boots that look like firetrucks. A dream come true. :-)

And speaking of BOYS, I found out about a month ago (thanks again Steph!) that we are having another one!!! I put that detail on facebook, but forgot to post it here.

A tired, worn out, end-of-the-day-picture at 19 weeks along.
I would have posted another pic (perhaps one a little more flattering...) but this is the only one I have so far. This is a second child for sure!