Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ninja Obsessed

Alright... I've taken a blogging hiatus... just about all year long.  And there is SO much I've missed blogging on.  And there is NO way I'm catching up at this point. However, there are a few posts that I can't leave behind, one of which is Logan's birthday party.

My little Lo turned 6 this year.  And he's now a half year older too. Time, slow down!
This kid is obsessed with all things ninja so of course he opted for a ninja party.

 So excited to color, cut and paste the invites by  himself.

a few decorations

We played 3 games: color your own ninja star, find your secret ninja name and DIY nun-chucks.

As guests came they got to pick a karate belt (courtesy of DI) and a ninja headband that I whipped up 10 minutes before the party started :)

Logan put together his own party favors: fortune cookies and tiny toy ninjas in a take-out box

Cousins Finn and Merc


Rob, Lo and Kyler

Hard at work making nun-chucks

After the 3 short games the wee ninjas all headed out to the backyard for some intense karate lessons.

Simple food table.

Then the karate began!

We got Mercer to come be a helper for the party and to teach the little ninjas some karate moves and drills. 
Merc really did an awesome job. Really! He took charge of the group like no other 11 year old I've seen before.  And of course all the boys listened and obeyed his instructions right away.

Mercer took them through ducking and jumping drills and Jungle Run.

Lincoln was quite comical to watch.  :)  They all took it so seriously!

Love this shot of Merc... I think this was a roundhouse demonstration? Maybe? It was too long ago to remember :)

After karate practice it was cake time.  
The cake was nothing special... box cake mix and can frosting.  But Logan loved it! And OF COURSE he requested that the cake be a red ninja. His favorite.

Love this guy - best party Dad ever!

Logan loved his ninja party and loved getting to have all his best friends over at once.  He was in pure ninja heaven for the day.  And he and Lincoln STILL wear their ninja headbands around almost daily.  I love my wee ninjas!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Lincoln's Birthday

Linco turned a big 3 years old  (or "fwee" as he would say) back in April and like I said before, I just can't pass up a birthday post for him.  

I don't know how it came to be, but Lincoln has fallen in love with Harry Potter.  He loves the movie and he LOVES Logan's Harry Potter Lego set that he got for Christmas.  So it was a no-brainer that Lincoln wanted a Harry Potter party more than anything his 3 year old heart could wish for.

His birthday was on a Sunday this year, and he doesn't really have friends his age, so we just had a low key day with family over for dinner and cake.

As family tradition goes, we sang Happy Birthday to him first thing in the morning (English then Portuguese) and then he got to open Ben's present for him... a Harry Potter wand! Ben was playing around with his lathe and it turned out beautifully.  Lincoln was ecstatic about his new wand.  (This wand is what started this whole hobby and this).

And to avoid inevitable conflicts, Ben made one for Lo too.  Oh and yes, Logan picked out his own pajamas.

He also got to open Nana and Pa J's present - a plasma car. Of course he had to go try it out right away. 

Red and yellow for Gryffindor, and yes he is casting a  spell in this picture. I get spells cast on me everyday. Still.

boy and wand are inseparable

After church we had Marmie, Gamps & Desi and Andy, Gav & co. over for a noodle dinner.

I gave Ben instructions to buy Crystal Light at the store and of course he bought the individual packets instead of the quart serving size. Doh. So here he is emptying packet after packet.  Thanks babe!

For his cake I decided to just buy him his own Harry Potter Lego set to put on top.  Admittedly this is not the prettiest cake I've ever made, but Lincoln loved it so that is what matters I suppose. 

This is the card the Lo made for Linc - too sweet.

Gift time... Aunt Andy ("Annie") helped.  He got a fishing game, clothes, a train set and a batman cave.

Noodle dinner: 3 kinds of noodles, 3 different sauces, fun twisty breadsticks (thanks Andy!) and Jera brought a yummy salad.

Eating on the special birthday plate... I don't think a kid could be happier about noodles. 

For drinks we had magic changing lemonade (i.e. put a drop of food coloring in the bottom of each cup and watch to see what color your potion turns.)

He spent lots of time playing with the Batcave and guys.


And props to Ben for drawing this Harry Potter Lego for a friendly game of pin the wand on Harry.  Surprisingly Lincoln won and got his wand right in Harry's cranky hand ("cranky hand" is what Logan calls Lego guy hands. Why? I don't know.)

Blowing out candles - his expression says it all.  He had such a good birthday being with family and his cousins.  And 4 months later he is still asking for another Harry Potter birthday.  Love this boy - he makes me smile everyday and makes my heart melt with his hugs that he gives out so freely.

He is so proud to be three and shows everyone his three fingers when they ask his age.  And honestly, he's been a great three year old so far. Knock on wood.  This is not nearly as bad as I remember age 3 being with Logan.  Then again I am embracing this whole autonomy thing much better this time around.  Most days. I hear at least 3 times a day, "I do it by my felf!"  Oh I love you Lincoln.