Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What We Love Lately

Ben loves...

...especially the spinning classes. Cycling season is here again! He got a free 30-day trial through my membership (long story) and is loving it. I think we've spent every date night at the gym this month. Romantic, isn't it?

Caulk and mitered corners. ha. Ok, I think he'd be content never installing mitered crown molding ever again. Kitchen is under renovation... that's a whole other post.

Linc loves...

Huge leprechaun balloons that are bigger than he is. Anyone seen Lincoln?

(note: We went grocery shopping the day after St. Patrick's Day and instead of a regular balloon, the grocery lady gave Logan this balloon. Thank you grocery lady, for giving me a 3rd child. :-)

Sleeping with buns in the air.

Snuggle time with brother


What I love...

starts for the garden

parsley, garlic and lemon - yum!

green buds on my willow tree branches!

my blooming daffodils... Spring is here!

The day I actually beat Ben at Scrabble. Take a good, long look. This NEVER happens and will probably never happen again.

What Logan loves...
Microwave popcorn in a brown lunch sack as seen here.
We were playing counting games with pasta, oyster crackers and popcorn kernels and decided to pop them afterward.

Go Cougs! HUGE "U" doughnut from Provo Bakery. Logan lives for doughnut Saturdays with Dad.

His new best friend and favorite ap on Ben's phone: Talking Tom.
This cat repeats (in a high-pitched voice) everything you say and you can also pet him and make him purr.

Logan "played" with him for a VERY long time in his room. Logan was chatting up a storm with Tom. He played legos with Logan and even (somehow) helped clean them up.

And Tom , of course, had to be included in story time, repeating every. single. word.

His Jesus picture... as seen from Log's perspective.

Cowboy boots. It's always a fun surprise to check on Logan after he falls asleep to see who (or what) has made it into bed with him.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Helmets and Super Heroes

Linc's had his helmet for a few weeks and it has been going really well so far and I am so glad we decided (after MUCH deliberation) to get the helmet.

Here are the most FAQ's/comments:

Q: Why does he have to wear a helmet?
A: Because I neglected him when he was an infant. Ok, so I don't
really say that, but I want to sometimes.

Q: He's so cute!! ( I think I heard that about 50 times during Relief Society last Sunday).

A: I just say thanks, (I mean, he is sinkin' cute afterall) but I think people feel bad for the little guy and aren't quite sure what to say.

Q: "Is that for protection?"
A: Why yes it is. He does have an older brother after all. Plus it offers a little cushion at times like this...

Q: Does he have to wear that all day?
A: Yes. Actually 23 hours a day.

Q: Doesn't it bother him?
No, actually. He doesn't even try to take it off and I think he doesn't even know it's there most of the time.

Q: Does it squeeze his head?
A:You'd think by looking at all that matted, squished hair under there, that it would be squeezy, but it's not. It's actually formed just right to his head, with exception of a little space over the flat spot. As his head grows and expands, it will form into that empty space, rounding it out a bit.

Q: What are those holes for?
A: Ventilation.

Q: "I always feel so bad for kids who have to wear those. They always look so hot in them." (actual quote from our Golden Corral waitress).
A: um... thank you? How do you respond to that one? ha ha

But really, she's right. Bath time comes every morning now... when one's head sweats in a helmet all night, a bad case of stinky-head tends to develop.

Q:"Look at that baby with a helmet on!" (usually coming from an elementary-aged child :-) A: I smile at the embarrassed Mom, who just tries to avoid eye-contact and hush their child up. then I try to explain to the child (who's still staring at Lincoln) what it is.
(That's the velcro strap that we use to take it on and off.) While I was taking pictures of Linc and his helmet, Logan informed me that they both had helmets on. Logie's helmet...(Is it just us, or is anyone else collecting all the super heroes they have in Happy Meals right now? Logan has become obsessed with super heroes lately, so McDonald's is offering these action figures at just the right time.)

Then later Ben showed him how the handles could transform into a super hero mask.

Logan likes to make sure brother is outfitted with a cape as well. I made the one on the right and Katy (Ben's cousin) made the one on the left for Super Logan.

Super Lo and Helmet Boy

And of course Monk needed a turn with the super hero mask too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Look! I'm a Mommy!"

Logan was entertaining himself in the living room.
I walk in the room and hear him say, "Look! I'm a Mommy!" and turn around to see this...

Excellent. Looks like it's time to put those flanges away now that I'm done breast feeding. :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get One Last Look

Here's your chance to get one last look ...

... at these adorable, fluffy, soft, whispy, light-as-a-feather, blond ( or "golden" as Logan calls it) locks of hair.

Tomorrow it will all be capped off with a helmet.

After our consult with the orthotist, we decided to get the helmet after all so we can say, when this is all said and done, that we did everything we could to give Lincoln a good head shape.

The bad news? It may or may not be very effective due to his slowed head growth...remember this recommendation is coming 3 months late.

The good news? Insurance approved it and therefore paying for this will cover a large portion of our annual deductible.

The bad news? My kid is going to get funny looks everywhere we go.

The good news? He won't know. :-)

The bad news? I won't be able to constantly kiss his fuzzy little head like I do at least 100 times a day.

The good news? He could be wearing this helmet anywhere from 3 months to 6 months.

The bad news? He could be wearing this helmet anywhere from 3 months to 6 months... :-)

The good news? My friend suggested we get some sweet vinyl decal for the helmet. I actually think we will.

And more good news? This just means extra protection from his older brother.

But in all seriousness, I am going to miss that fluffly little hair of his. He turned 10 months yesterday, so I thought it was a good last chance to snap a few shots of him (and by few, I mean 150 :-)

Unfortunately the ISO on the camera was set way high (1600) and I didn't realize it, so all the pics came out really grainy. Oh well.

Love the tippy-toes reaching for the aprons hanging from our door.
He pulls them down at least once a day.

Lincoln ADORES Hoodoo, and Hoodoo at least puts up with Lincoln. Best buddies.

PS) Lincoln got weighed again today and we found he gained 10 oz in the last month, which keeps him in the 8th percentile. I was hoping for at least a pound increase, but the Dr. was happy that he gained weight this month. This puts him back up to his weight at the end of last year.