Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, I realize this post is way, way overdue. but don't let it fool you into thinking that I didn't absolutely love the second half of my vacation to NY!

After being in NYC for a couple days, Katie and I rented a car and drove to Ithaca where Melanie is living. Mel was the reason we even went to NY in the first place. It was such a blast to be with my two best friends from HS again and to have it be like no time has passed.

We took 735 pictures while in NY, so I have narrowed it down as much as possible!

Katie playing with Mel's kids (Owen, Tyler and Halle) - aren't they adorable? Logan had so much fun being around other children. I think he really gets tired of only seeing me during the day!

Halle holding a crazy caterpillar bug that she found. Mel's back yard was awesome! It is a big, long yard that is shared with a few other apartment buildings right next to theirs. Tons of running room for all the kids that live there.

One Night we made a trip to the grocery store, but this was no ordinary grocery store. This was Wegmen's, the most luxurious grocery store I've every been in! There are no words to describe what a breath of fresh air this store was compared to Walmart and Albertsons on Center St in Provo (not hard to beat)!

I loved this picture of Katie and Mel! This was taken at Tyler's 5th b-day party that he had while we were there.

The theme was monsters and Star naturally we created monster pinatas (quite the adventure) that the kids could destroy with their light sabers.

Thanks to Halle, Logan got a share of the loot...his first sucker.

Mel pushing Halle at the b-day party. Sad to say, but Mel has actually had her baby girl since it has taken me so long to post. :-) Congrats Mel and Baby Eva!

The best ice cream in Ithaca, of course we couldn't pass that one up.

Logan and I on the walk up to Taughannock Falls. Because the river was so low, we were actually standing in the middle of the river basin in this picture. I loved the changing colors all over upstate NY!

Mel, Gary and the kids at the falls. It was so fun to be with them for a whole week.

Gary watched all the kids while we went to Palmyra so we could see the church sites. Katie and Mel at the top of Cummorah's Hill. It was so green everywhere. (Thanks again, Gary!)

This was while we were at the Smith farm. The Palmyra temple overlooks the sacred grove.

The Smith home. We had a great Sister Missionary telling us so many stories and history behind the Smith cabin and house. I really gained a new appreciation for the Smith family, esp Joseph Smith.

In the Sacred Grove. We were lucky enough to be there all by ourselves at that time.

We couldn't help but stop at an Ammish farm/store/shack on our way back home. There were a lot of Amish in that area and it was so fun to see their farms and wagons.

We bought bread, Strawberry and Ruhbarb jam and pumpkn whoopies. So delicious!

Logan, me and Owen at a pond in Sapsucker woods, which was pretty much Mel's backyard. It was so green and gorgeous.

Thanks again for the fun times, Mel and Gary! It was a blast to be there!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Having a Bad Day?

If so, then browse around this site for a few minutes for a dose of instant pick-me-up.

Picture from Cake Wrecks...see the explanation here

From what I gather, Cake Wrecks is a blog devoted to the worst cakes that exist. The cakes are a crack up, but the commentary from the blogger is the best of all. Really, anytime I'm having a crappy day, I check out the latest and greatest from Cake Wrecks. Enjoy.

PS) I realize I am due for NY part II pics, Halloween pics and much more, but I am home in Spokane, WA right now without any pictures at my disposal.

PPs) Ok...I couldn't resist. Here's another favorite of mine:

Explanation (if you need it) here.

Literal LOLs is one of my favorite labels thus far on Cake Wrecks.