Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love My Boys!

I must admit that after finding out that Logan was going to be a boy (10th grandson on my girls) I was actually only slightly disappointed. I am ashamed to admit that my biggest fear about having a boy was the "automatic sprinkler" that comes with the breed. :-)

though, I am so thankful that I had a boy- I think boys are the best! I wouldn't change Logan for a girl any day of the week (although I do try to shape his mullet into pigtails on occassion...).

Logan will be one whole year old in a month, so I'll talk more about him later. The other boy in my life is the one I want to brag about right now: Benjamin.

I have the best husband in the world...
Yesterday I woke up early to go out running with Logan, then the two of us participated in the MS Walk while Ben went on a 7 mile hike with the Boy Scouts. After Ben got home I ran off to pick up a toaster oven in Springville (another story) and then went to work for a few hours.

On my drive home from work it was 5 pm, I was starving and exhausted, and was trying to come up with something easy for dinner. I have been a little burdened lately with work, my calling (12 of the ~23 callings that make up the primary are either moving, being released or are having babies and therefore need replacing, so needless to say we are very short-handed right now) and just trying to keep up on housekeeping, not to mention trying to spend more interactive time with Logan. With all of this and a headache weighing on my mind, I walked in the door to our house to find the following:

  • dishes done
  • dinner being prepared (this NEVER happens! and he went out of his way to make a salad just for myself since he knows I am trying to eat more healthy)
  • Ben ran some errands with Logan including:
    • bought and replaced new light bulbs
    • stopped at the grocery store
    • filled my car with gas
    • washed my car
  • cleaned the bathroom (and mopped the bathroom where all of my hairspray lands!)
  • Logan was peacefully down for a nap
  • and on top of this all Ben was actually in a very cheerful mood, and the most selfless part of all...he gave up his bike ride (he's training for a 50 mile race in 3 weeks) to do all of this for me!

I just wanted to cry. It was such a relief after a heavy week to come home to such a thoughtful husband. I feel so loved. Thanks for working so hard Ben (and for the great crab salad). You are the best and I love you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

a smattering of photos

This is just a very random post to catch everyone up on our latest fun times.

In March my parents and sister came down to visit from Spokane so all the girls and kids made a trip to the Hogle Zoo and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the zoo actually was!

This huge statue of an ape was too random and irrestible to pass up...

Here we are chilling on the porch of the gift shop: Andy (sis) and Mercer, Mom and Logan, and Mindy (sis) and Davis.

Have you ever seen someone so excited to merely hold a piece of candy? Poor kid didn't even know what he was missing... (thanks for the great present Tif! I love my new mug and note pad.)

This was the first day of wearing shorts for the anyone else as giddy as I am about all of the new wardrobe possibilities that come with warm weather?

On General Conference Saturday morning Katie and I decided to run the Provo City 5 k. It was a very random decision made at 11 pm the night before, but nevertheless it was a blast!

Feeding time with Dad...way too fun.

This is the last blast of snow we got a few Sundays ago (and hopefully the last!). We never took Logan out to play in the snow earlier this winter, so we figured this was the last chance we had. This is about as eventful as it got.

Our first tie! This was on Easter...what a mick mack.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mint Anyone?

So...the other night I made a stupid mistake (I do that every now and then...). I was at the store getting ingredients to make pizza, and I thought, "Hey, fresh basil is yummy, I'll get some of that." Sounds like a great idea, right? I thought so too, that is until I got home and actually bothered to smell my basil, only to realize I bought MINT LEAVES. Crimany. What am I supposed to do with MINT LEAVES?

So here's my question to everyone...what on Earth do you make with mint? Any good recipes? Or any recipes at all?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Strawberries on Steroids

I love this time of the year when strawberries come into season - we have been gobbling them up! I was excited to find this freak of a strawberry in one of my cartons the other day. It looked like three berries in one ... wonderful!