Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just a Quicky

Some weeks go by (or months...) that I completely forget I have a blog.  Duh.  I'm very much out of the habit of writing somewhat consistent posts and it makes me a tad sad. And no, I didn't just mean to rhyme.  

In all honesty I've been giving sleep a try lately. :) Confession: my average bed time is most likely 2 to 3 am. BUT... this week I've been hitting the sack around midnight and MAN have I forgotten what a nice person I am when I am mostly rejuvenated.

Anyway, just saying that sleep is one of a handful of reasons that this tad sad blog isn't getting much attention these days. 

Here are a few Parker highlights from the past couple months:

-Macie is now 7 months old!

-Lincoln turned 3, complete with a Harry Potter party, hence the wand craze around this place.

-Logan turned 4, complete with a Ninja party.

-I completed CERT training and loved it all.

-Logan finished his soccer season and is right in the middle of t-ball.

-Ben is coaching the above-mentioned t-ball team.

-I'm still doing some costume sewing on the side. Every sewing assignment has been different and it has turned me into a much more efficient seamstress for sure. Tonight (um.. well maybe tomorrow night)  I'm sewing little boy batman capes. They are darling. AND... I will be ready to get my new sewing machine next month! Happy day.

-Macie is rolling, squirming, army crawling all over the place and is rocking on her hands and knees!

-Logan officially graduated from kindergarten and has plopped himself comfortably in the middle of my usual afternoon nap time-free time so those blessed two hours have been replaced with one-on-one with Logan time. (a good thing most days :)

-I did a sprint triathlon.

-I got to fly with Macie up to play with my sisters in Portland for a weekend!

-We got our garden planted... all except my poor 8 raspberry starts that have been stuck in a flower pot for 2 months now waiting for me to decide their final resting place. 

-Macie has started drinking from a bottle again (woot woot) giving me a bit more freedom. 

-Ben has been wand-ing to his hearts content. And he has been trying his best to figure out our malfunctioning sprinkler system.

-I've been toying around with the idea of getting my etsy shop filled. No one really knows, but I do indeed have an etsy shop that has been vacant since 2008.  I just need to rename it but every time I go to think about it I just draw a blank. Maybe that's a sign eh?

-We're slowly but surely trying to get our front yard ready to sod. Curse the person who planted vines for a front yard.

-Oh and Lincoln is rocking day #2 of potty training! We tried a couple months ago and promptly quit after two days and decided to wait for summer. Well summer is here now and I'm out of excuses.  The kid wants to wear big boy unders so I guess a mom's got to oblige.

It's been busy but wonderful. I'm loving the warm weather. I'm loving not having a school schedule to dictate my day. The boys helped brainstorm two calendars full of activities. We'll see how many we can knock out and stay a bit summer-lazy at the same time. 

Logan wanted to make CTR pretzels that he saw in the Friend magazine.

The day before my tri I woke up to Ben making shape pancakes and he had made me an SBR pancake (swim bike run). Not too shabby Ben.

 Ben let the boys try to cam out in their room while I was in Portland. Yeah that didn't last long. Fun idea though.

last day of school - Lobo and Mrs Holyoak

Play date with Rob

and tag-along ninja brother

And just a few pics of the tri...
The boys hung out for about 30 seconds during my tri. It was FREAKING COLD that day and raining, hence the umbrella picture.  They hung out for a bit in the van watching a movie and waiting for the sun to come out, but  Kaye just took them home half way through.

Wonderful Kaye with Mace. 

 just coming out of the swim. Fa fa fa fa freezing.  I stood by the pool for an hour before it was even my turn to get in. I couldn't believe how much of my energy was zapped just from shivering and trying to stay warm.

In transition #1 heading out to bike which was the coldest and wettest portion, not to mention the nasty headwind.

But in the end there was sun - yay! And of course a lovely spandex picture at the finish line with my plate full of food.  I performed a lot better this time around even though my time was 2 minutes slower... no doubt due to the weather. At least that's what I like to think :)  I will for sure be doing it again next year, IF it doesn't coincide with Ben's Bear Lake bike race like it did this year. Lousy. Thanks Ben for staying home and letting me tri again!

And I had no camera with me the whole weekend in Portland. Lame!

And the boys' birthday parties each deserve their own post, so more to come on that.  They were both so cute on their own special days.

 The wand that Ben made Linc for his birthday. He still sleeps with it at night.

Lo was so excited to make his birthday invites.