Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lincoln's Birthday

Back at the end of April my little Linc-o turned 2!  What's crazy is that he has grown up so much in the month since then. His language has grown a bit and it seems like his personality has totally come out since his ear tubes.  His facial expressions are so descriptive as always and he is still constantly trying to be like his brother.

His birthday fell on a Saturday, so we spent some time as a family that day and went out to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe with family. Then followed up with a little family party at home. Simple but fun.

Traditional birthday mornings in our house start with doughnuts and singing Happy Birthday in Portuguese.  Parabens pra voce!

We took a trip to the gym while Ben was busy in the morning where he got his own special sticker

Then we headed to Trafalga for a game of mini golf... Linc's first time. He loved it...

...and spent most of his time looking for, picking up and putting the ball in the hole, over and over. 

And then he took the fine opportunity to throw his ball in the water while Ben was on his cell phone. 

Pizza Pie for dinner - yum! They gave him a mini cookie monster for his birthday (I'm sure my old roommates remember these from Craigos, right? Mmm.)

He was disgusting - I just stripped him down and carried him out white-trash style in his diaper. 

Presents at home with the cousins close at hand

Remote control car from Marmie and Gamps

The guys figuring out the Thomas train
And what would a party be without an ipad and a favorite older cousin to play with? (Mercer is pretty much Logan's favorite person in the whole world.)

Lincoln loves trains right now so I made a simple train cake. 

 Jera and Ben (Dave and Jera had just moved into town the night before!)

 We got a big Mr. Potato Head set off ebay for Lincoln and Mercer's creation cracked me up.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easter Days

 The boys were complete macks on Easter so I couldn't resist leaving "the Easter post" in the dust.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend complete with our family favorites:

-Dying Easter eggs! (There's something so nostalgic about this for me, I don't know why, but we love it in our house)
-Egg hunts galore!
-Bunny ears at Macey's (I'm going to be sad the day that Logan is too cool to wear bunny ears)
-Easter candy coming out of our ears
-My own bag of Mini Cadbury Eggs
 -Van breaking down on the freeway (full of construction) without Ben there... oh wait, I think that was my most un-favorite part :)
-The boys wanting to play my Easter snow globe over and over. (I got that globe when I was in high school from my parents and I think that is my favorite part of getting Easter decorations out each year).
-Breakfast casserole Easter morning (that was a smidge burned on the top :)
-Collecting "popcorn" off of the popcorn trees in bloom
-Hearing Logan explain the what's and why's of Easter... the real Easter.
-Church that was so uplifting and sweet that day

 My sweet matching boys on Easter morning. 
Jera made the vests (thanks Marm!) and I couldn't help making matching bow ties.

Lincoln lasted about 2 eggs this night before we decided it was his bed time.

Logan drew a surfer on his egg. Naturally. 

Lo's favorite egg was the one with the light-saber on it. 

Baskets from the Easter bunny

(those are finger lights if you can't tell)

A few simple pieces of candy and a few simple toys.Smart Easter bunny this year. 

Egg hunt to find the eggs left by the Easter bunny before church

Love my boys!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life During the Pregnancy Coma

While I can't complain about this pregnancy in the least (because this time has been so much better than my last two) I still must admit I've been in a haze-ish coma and I feel like so much has happened and a good two months of life has passed while I've been completely content laying on the couch. 

I've been able to function pretty well through out the day (assuming I have my constant snacks and get my nap while the boys take theirs :) but right around dinner time I start to get really nauseated and a wall of exhaustion hits, so my nights are pretty useless as I just lay on the couch and roll into bed. But luckily, about two weeks ago I really started to come out of this fog and now I finally feel a little more like myself and a bit more productive.   I feel almost normal. In fact, the other day I actually felt my stomach grumble... usually I feel sick and eat something before I even feel hungry. 

Anyway, here are some things that have been going on around here the past couple months.

Easter, of course. Those pictures would have overloaded this post so that will be next. It's way overdue, but the boys looked too cute to forget about.

Linc-o's 2nd birthday.  That will be a third post.

We painted the bathroom and re finished the bathroom cabinets and got a new mirror to hang. Oh and a new light fixture that Ben had to rewire to hang higher on the wall.  I still haven't taken an after picture of it. :)

We also touched up the laundry room. The dry wall had random holes in it and was crumbling at the base. Ben fixed all of that and we gave it a fresh coat of paint and new flooring. 

Here I am at 11 weeks.

Boys racing their Hot Wheels... one of their favorite things to do.

Pretty sure he thought this was a bulb syringe. Don't worry, that did get washed. :)

Logan played Spring Soccer and loved it. He really wasn't great at it, but he had a grand time running around kicking the ball here and there.  Here he is during their practice time kicking a goal.

And here's a video of his first  practice where they started off doing jumping jacks... right. It's pretty funny to watch preschoolers attempt to do jumping jacks.

Logan made this potato head and gave it to Ben saying that he "made it to look just like Dad."  What? Can't you see the resemblance?

13 weeks along

I love it when I walk in their room to see this. 

Logan goes once a month to the MOA to a Vangogh to Playdough workshop that they hold. It's free and fabulous. The kids spend a few minutes looking at a current exhibit then they get to craft about similar topics. Here I think he was building a habitat for his animals. 

And of course a Saturday's not really a Saturday without a doughnut the size of your head (from Provo Bakery of course).

Ben took Logan to Big Guys Little Guys at the library. The theme was something to do with Outer space Heroes. So he went dressed up as a Jedi Knight and came back with a face painted like Darth Maul.  Lo was in heaven. 

We've taken the boys ice skating a couple of times and they love it. 
Well, actually the first time they went Logan hated it. And we weren't going to take Lincoln the ice at all, but he was throwing a fit to get out there, so we got him a teeny ice skate rental and put him out there and he LOVED it.  He just scoots around at his own snail pace.  Once Lo saw that Lincoln was having a grand time he decided to change his mind.

Ben was gone on business for a week back in April. One of those nights I took the boys on a walk before bed time but Logan couldn't leave the house without the essential light saber and jedi cape.  He was light-sabering bad guys the whole walk. I love his imagination.

Lollipop Guild hair

And once day Lincoln started doing this weird thing that we nick named "The Ray Charles" because, well, he looks like Ray Charles. And Logan has no idea who that is so he calls it "The Charlos". 

And that's a wrap.  It hasn't been too exciting around here but I love the little things that happen everyday that I just don't want to forget.