Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts

Anyone else remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey from SNL? Those were the good days. 

So maybe my thoughts aren't so deep. They just feel like it since it's so late and that much harder to think at this hour.  Maybe I should rename my post "Hard Thoughts." That might be more accurate.

Whatever the name, here are the hard and deep thoughts running through my brain tonight.

As of today we're under contract to sell our house!  We're ecstatic that we have found a good, young couple to move in.  Yet at the same time we're so paranoid that something is going to go wrong or fall through.  This is going to be a nail-biting, nerve-wracking 30 days.  The couple just had their first baby a week ago and they're anxious to get into a house. As of right now, we're set to close on September 28th and while I would love extra time to find a house first, that closing day can't come soon enough.

Speaking of finding  houses, we found a great home tonight that we felt really good about. But then found out 30 minutes later that it's already under contract. Boo! I don't get how we can feel so solid about knowing that's a home we're supposed to be in, and then not have it go through.  We are putting an offer on it in the morning as a back-up offer, so who knows. Maybe it will all work out in the end. Note to self: must have more faith.

As long as I'm in a house by the end of October I'm good.  Give me a week to move in and settle before baby girl comes and I'll be happy. Let's just hope she doesn't come early!

On another bitter-sweet note, Lincoln had his annual testing with PEIP last week and did great!  After finishing the hour and a half of testing, Shae mentioned that he might actually test out of the program - bummer!  Don't get me wrong... while his improvement is more than wonderful to see, there's still a lot of pronunciation speech work that he needs. Shae comes on Wednesday for a visit and will have test scores then.  There's a chance that he'll still qualify for monthly visits from a SLP (speech and language pathologist) based on his articulation. We'll know more in about a week.

And speaking of Lincoln, he's been saying more and more two-word phrases this past week! That's big for him... "baby shoe," "daddy shoe," "more crackers," "Mama drink," etc is what we've heard lately. Seems like such a simple thing but it's a totally new accomplishment for him!  He's also finally imitating words a TON more,  especially from  the TV (isn't that backwards)?  He's never repeated our words much (unless he's prompted) but I'll hear him talking back to the TV while watching his PBS shows.

Logan starts kinder on Wednesday and I'm so excited for him, yet I feel really guilty because Kindergarten has been one of the last things on my mind these past two weeks. Have I prepared him well enough? We'll see!

 (these are pics from back in July when Logan fell off his bike in the drive way, poor guy)

Pregnancy... I am so grateful for the healthy pregnancy I've had thus far. She is moving like CRAZY lately. My belly twitches constantly sometimes.  Especially right around 11 pm - 1 am.  And I feel hard bumps sliding around now. I love feeling around speculating what might be her bum, elbow, knee, etc.  

Turns out my glucose test came back ok but I have lower iron than before and the nurse reiterated that I need to be taking iron supplements as well as prenatals.  
To-do tomorrow: Go to Walgreens for iron pills.  

This is the latest picture at 30 weeks.  And as more people have asked how much longer I have and when I'm due, I've gotten reactions anywhere from, "Oh.... " to "You're due next month, right?" to "Your belly just can't get any bigger," to "You look so small," to "You only have 10 weeks left?"  
Who do I believe? :)
My belly feels BIG, especially at night. And my belly is bigger than the past two pregnancies. But I'm measuring right on, and my weight gain is right on and my wedding ring still fits. And I'm actually still exercising this time around. Whatever. Que sera sera.

What matters is that I'm getting SO excited to meet this sweet baby and to have another bum to change and baby to snuggle and I'm so excited to see how a girl fits into this family.

Alright, enough thoughts for tonight. It's another boring, wordy post, but oh well.  I'm sure in 5 years I'll appreciate all these details recorded.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Week Peek

Last week was oh so busy and so fun.  My parents came into town for Education Week so we got to spend lots of time with them and Andy, Gav & co. 

Here's a quick peek at what last week looked like:

{imagine a photo of a super clean house HERE}

We listed our house on the MLS last week to get more people walking through and we have been keeping it spotless since.  
Every morning I have to make the house show-worthy in case a realtor calls for a last-minute showing or while I'm out running errands.  So every morning is filled with a daily load of laundry, easy breakfast, dishes, keeping the boys on the couch so toys remain put away from the night before, showering and getting ready for the day, wiping down the bathroom and shower,  sweeping and spot-mopping the bath and the kitchen, wiping down the kitchen counters and putting away dish sponges & scrubbies, hiding our bath towels and putting out the show towels, making the beds, putting my purse and other random valuables in the van, putting the kids in the van while I vacuum the house void of footprints & crumbs and finally making sure the windows are opened, lights are turned on, swamp cooler is running and air freshener is sprayed. 

It's still work, but at least I have it down to a routine now!  And the poor boys can't wait to be done walking on egg-shells around here.  And I can't wait to be in a house I can actually live in again!

Logan begging to tie flies with Ben daily.

Made cookie ice cream sandwiches with the boys.

My parents came on Tuesday and planned to go to Education Week beginning on Wednesday. 
Well on their way to their first class they got rear ended and pushed into the car in front of them. Lousy distracted drivers!  My Dad was ok by my Mom went to the ER. Luckily they're both ok, but Education Week was out of the picture. 

Friday my mom felt up to walking around more, so we went to SLC for the day. 
First we all met up at City Creek for lunch and let the boys get soaked. 

And we wandered around Temple Square and went to the top of the Church Office Building

More fountains at the end of the day - the boys had a blast fishing out all the pennies and throwing them all back in.

My parents taking a break to people-watch

Lincoln finally passed out around 4 pm

Andy, Mom and Me at the end of our hot afternoon

Washing and organizing girl clothes! 
I've been on the hunt for good used baby girl clothes since it's garage sale season.  I have been blessed to find a few GREAT garage sales in Washington and even one down here in Provo.  You know... the kind of garage sale where people don't think their used, pooped-on things are still worth full price. :) And I've been given some clothes by good friends too.  Every bit has been super helpful! 

Anyway, with no nursery to set up, all these sweet little clothes are now in boxes and bins until we (hopefully!) move.

Linc-o playing blocks in the waiting room at my 28 week check up.

 I brought the boys along and they were AMAZINGLY well-behaved the whole time.  Logan LOVED watching me be poked with a big needle and blood coming out of my arm for the blood sample for my glucose test.

I decided that while I was spending hours watching the Olympics I may as well work on a project at the same time so I picked me up some yarn and learned how to crochet a ripple afghan for the baby (thanks YouTube!). Still working on it. 

I also (almost successfully) read a crochet pattern for the first time (wohoo!) and made a diaper cover and flower for Lou babe.  Just imagine the diaper with a cute button in the middle to fasten it together.  There's something a bit wonky on the left side of it so I think I'll take another stab at the pattern now that I know what I'm doing. :)

(By the way, we've been calling the baby Lou Lou as designated by Logan. And the other day he decided she should actually be called Lou Lou McHorgan. Awesome). 

 And that's a wrap! It was a tiring week but I'm so glad I got to spend time with Mom and Dad despite their unfortunate turn of events. Now to tackle this next week: 10 year anniversary and Lo's first day of kindergarten!