Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Before and After...Two Thumbs up for Bumbos!

So Logan is starting to sit up on his own but he is still a weeble-wobble guy. But I feel bad always having him lay down, but I can't just leave him sitting up on his own yet (all you moms know this awkward stage, I'm sure) so this was my solution. My Boppee was a little too flat, so I would add some pillows for support...lovely.
But then I found out about the Bumbo !

I definitely give this contraption two thumbs up! Tiffany Johnson is letting me borrow this Bumbo (don't ask me who created the name) until Logan can sit on his own and we absolutely love it! He loves being able to see what is going on around him, which makes mom happier too. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has a kid in this stage...or just a really small bum. Whatever floats your boat!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Milestones to Document

Logan is now in the stage of toe-grabbing (very cute) and rolling over. He has been rolling over from tummy to back for a while now, and trying very, very hard to roll from back to tummy without much success until the other day.
I was in the bathroom doing my hair while he was in the living room playing under his floor gym (on his back), talking away to himself, when all of a sudden his talking became whining and muffled. So I looked out there thinking a blanket was covering his face or something and this is what I saw... one very mad, screaming baby with his nose smashed to the carpet, refusing to turn his head to either side. I couldn't stop laughing, I was so proud and he was so mad! He must have been on his tummy for a while without me knowing it and his neck just got too tired so he put his head down to rest. Great mom I am huh? At least I documented the first roll-over, even if it is just a picture of his backside. :-)

Dad has fashion sense too...almost

Sundays are a special time for Logan because that's usually the one day of the week his dad gets to dress him. My little Mic-Mack gets dressed with Dad at about 12:30 pm, right before we walk out the door to church and usually the result is pretty handsome, like today...with exception of the white socks...who wears white socks with dress pants to church? I guess Logan is setting the new trend!

What's This?

So...I layed Logan down on our bedroom floor for a moment while I ran into the kitchen, but I obviously wasn't fast enough because when I got back this is what I found. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a handy-dandy hygienic item I like to call a nursing pad. It must have been laying within close reach of those chubby little arms because sure enough he found it and (just like everything else these days) put it to the taste test. Ew Loggy.

Monday, October 8, 2007

My name is John Daker

This is the great new addition to the Parker blog. Referred to me by Andrea Nelson, this soul-touching video will have you in tears (of laughter hopefully). Enjoy. (PS: watch his face)