Monday, April 15, 2013

soccer time again

We decided to sign Logan up for soccer last year and I'm not gonna lie, it was quite entertaining.  I know it truly doesn't matter at this young age, but let's just say that soccer was not Logan's forte.  I suppose it doesn't help that neither Ben nor I have any idea how to play the sport, so up until last year Logan had never kicked a real soccer ball. 

Logan wanted to play again this year so we decided to give it another try.  And surprisingly he's much better this time around!  And lucky for us his jersey still fits from last year.

Here's some pics from his first game

All kids frantically running toward the ball at the same time... elbows and arms flying, following each other around like a pack of chickens. Or would it be a herd of chickens? Or maybe a flock of chickens?

I think my favorite is when Logan tries to kick the ball when he's still a good 3 feet away from it.  And it's also great when they make a goal... in their own net. doh.


But Lo sure does have a ball out there on the field, and I love Provo's program too.  We'll see if he chooses soccer again next year or not.  Go Logan!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter has got to be one of my favorite holidays. And the fact that it was so sunny this whole Easter week made the holiday that much sweeter.  Here's what our Easter looked like:

We dyed eggs on Tuesday... this is my favorite part of Easter and I know Ben loves me because he nearly loathes this part, but participates (and even secretly has fun...) every year with me and the boys. 

traditional egg glasses pic... see here and here

If Lincoln looks severely disappointed in this picture it's because he is.
He dropped and cracked his egg while he was holding it out to me for a picture... so here he is staring at his poor broken, yet adorably scribbled-on egg.  

Logan's fav eggs: his light saber egg and the pink ninja egg we made in honor of Macie. (the boys have lovingly deemed her as the pink ninja of the house. True true.)

Saturday we were crazy enough to go to the BYU egg hunt.
Here's Lo lined up for his 4-6 year old egg "hunt". I use that term loosely because you can see here in the background just how well those eggs were hidden. :)

The 0-3 yr old hunt was down on this field and it was the craziest of all! You'd think these were golden eggs or something.  Lincoln started out with 4 eggs in his little basket, but then got pushed over and as soon as his eggs fell out of his basket other parents scrambled for them. So Lincoln walked away with ONE lonely egg in his basket. :) 
But you'd never know it... he was happy as a clam to get candy.
And I was super proud of Logan for stepping up and giving Linc half of his candy.

Easter morning the boys went out to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.

Easter baskets... we went simple this year.  Most of this was left overs from stocking stuffers that we had too many of. :)

candy for breakfast.  

and Lo was kind enough to show Macie her Easter basket contents: Rice cereal, squash baby food and binkies. Smart Easter Bunny right?

The boys in their Easter bow ties. 

 I had about 2/3 of a yard of cute plaid fabric that I've had hanging around for a while and decided that I could squeeze a tiny dress and two bow ties out of and sure enough it worked. 

I finally made my own bow tie pattern that I love much more than the previous tutorial I used to use. 
And Macie's dress was a mash up of a pattern, this picture and a few alterations (and perhaps a few choice words as well). I call it the Faux Bow Dress. :)
And her leggings were made from white clearance knit from wal-mart that I already had. Elastic lace was $1.
And I scored great coral grandma pants from DI for $6 that I converted into a pleated pencil skirt. And I found that striped tank on my way to check out for $2. Wohoo!
9 dolla aint bad for an Easter look for 4 of us.  And sorry Ben... he was just happy to wear one of his springy bow ties that he hasn't worn in a while :)  Oh the simplicity of being a guy.

 Happy Easter!

 And out of order, here's the BYU baseball game we went to on Saturday after the egg hunt.

Mace-o Queso at her first baseball game (under the shady umbrella)

Cougar tale!

Dave and Desi joined us too

decked out in Y gear - Love my Logo!