Monday, March 30, 2009

where have i been? ( part 1)

It has been well over a month since my last post. Pathetic, I know. We are alive, in case you were worried. So where have we been? Here's part 1 of my answer:

At the beginning of March I flew to Spokane with Logan to stay for a week and a half because...

1) We're trying to rack up the sky miles before Logan turns two and we actually have to pay for the seat that he takes up (Logan is a pro at flying by now)
2) It was a mini family reunion, with all of my siblings/in-laws there, except for Ben
3) My sisters and I were throwing a baby shower for my other sister, Erin and her daughter Carli who I've posted about before
4) I desperately needed a break from life here :-)

Here are a few highlights:

We spent a day in downtown Spokane. This Radio Flyer is actually a slide (goes down the wagon handle).

There are tons of ducks in Riverfront Park waiting to be fed by humans. Logan was jumping out of his seat trying to pet them.

Down town there is also a sweet garbage eating goat. You push a button on the wall and the goat vacuum turns on and you can feed it your garbage. I think we spent a good 20 minutes feeding it bits of our garbage.

And every time we go to Spokane we have to ride the carosel because it's tradition. Logan loves it. Here he is holding on for dear life.

My beautiful sisters (Mindy, Andy and Erin). I think we spent the whole time either talking about the shower and pink things, or laughing too hard.

Sporting green on St. Patricks Day

I thought this was a sweet shot of Mindy and Carli and her big bro, Avery.

Because everyone was home, quarters were just a little tight, so Logan was sleeping in the attick (which is actually converted to a bedroom) and he got hold of and unwrapped 13 rolls of toilet paper during nap time one day.

Carli is the first neice on my side of the family, so of course her aunts had to throw a pepto-bismol pink shower for her. Here are cupcakes galore that we made the night before.

Logan loved all the play time he got with his cousins. Here he is with Davis both sporting hats, no surprise.