Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why the crap do I blog?

Does anyone else get so overwhelmed by blogging?!

I love reading everyone else's blogs and staying caught up with friends and family, but the more I do that, the more I feel like I'm so behind! For example...I still haven't posted on our July 4th activities....and probably never will. :-) We've gone on a couple trips that I've never mentioned. I cut my hair, we've played and played and made lots of fun memories and stories. But because I'm a "someday" scrapbooker ("I will start doing it someday") and mediocre at journaling, I fear those fun memories will just stay filed away on our computer in the nicely-organized 2009 photos file, unless I document them here.

So I wait and wait, and then once I realize it has been a month...or two...or three... since my last posting, I spew a bunch of picture vomit (sorry for the imagery) out onto a new post and feel like my job has been done until the next upheaval.

So what's the point in blogging if it just stresses me out? Good question Kristi.

I don't know.

I like it though.

I like feeling caught up and organized.

I like the thought of remembering many little things that Logan does to make me smile.

I like feeling therapized once I get my thoughts and ideas out.

And I'll admit it...I'm human... therapeutic journaling isn't the only reason I like blogging...
I like getting comments too. Phew, there I said it. Is that taboo to say outloud? Don't judge. Don't hate me for appreciating approval from others.

I like the thought that someone actually cares about our measly lives enough to read boring posts like this one. I like the warm fuzzies I get when I feel understood. Even if I'm disagreed with, someone cared enough about me to let me know I'm wrong.

So now that I've convinced myself that blogging our lives is worth my time, effort, and hours of sleep I should be getting instead, I guess I'll keep trying.

Keep aiming for consistency rather than the vomit effect.

Keep trying to download my pictures sooner instead of sitting on the camera until the card is full. :-)

To anyone who still happens to be reading...(because I know that posts without pictures aren't as fun) thanks for listening.

Here's to better blogging...and blogging with more pictures next time. (Because I know that's why the grandmas REALLY check the blogs.)

And here's to going to bed because it is now 2 am. Again. Oops.

PS) I really didn't say all of this about commenting just to get comments. Promise. So if anyone is still reading, don't feel obligated to comment.

PPS) Here is my aforementioned hair (as if most everyone hasn't already seen it because I cut it FOREVER ago. :-)
And here's to band-aids that make everything feel better and eating chocolate ice cream cones outside:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello. Has it really been a month since my last post? As usual, I have way too many fun things to journal about here and don't know where to start, but until then I thought I'd share a couple cute things Logan said recently:

We dropped Ben off at work one day and as we were driving away Logan said, "Daddy sit down dhere" pointing to the passenger set. I told him that Daddy had to go to work to which he replied (and repeated about 10 times in a row in a nagging, begging tone of voice...) "I wanna wuhk toooo," "wuhhk," "Logan wuuuuhhhhk". If only he really meant that. I'll put you to work alright... you just wait.

Today we were reading a book that had picture of a guy fishing in it and I asked Logan what the man was doing to which he paused and then replied, "fish pole-ing." Close.

And today while standing in the mirror, I asked where Logan was and for the first time he patted his chest rather than pointing to himself in the mirror. Small, but exciting. His sense of self and autonomy is definitely coming along.

More pics of fun summer happenings to follow, promise.