Friday, November 12, 2010

Not ready for this yet...

I know... you wish you had great red socks that go all the way up to your knees too. But nevermind his cool Christmas jammie ensemble.

I'm not ready for crawling yet... he's still not even sitting completely on his own yet! It seems as though I'm going to miss out on the "sit and play for hours with my toys in one place" stage. Oh well. I'm proud of the little guy too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I promised myself a week ago that I wouldn't post anything else until I posted about our trip to DC and NY. But all of our pics are on Ben's laptop right now, being burned to DVD as we speak (or should I say, "... as I type"?). I don't even know how to punctuate that last sentence.

Anyway, I couldn't resist doing another post in the meantime.

I love the fall and today was a gorgeous fall day! So with Linc in the stroller and Logan on his trusty blue bike, we walked down to the park for a picnic lunch. I took my camera just in case there was a great photo-op and I'm so glad I did. Leaves were everywhere and the boys had so much fun playing in them. Here are a few... ok, actually A LOT of photos.

Ferdinand the Bull.
Lincoln could have rolled around in the leaves for hours. Nothing existed but him and all those leaves.

I loved this sequence...

Brotherly smothering.... er, I mean brotherly love.

More Ferdinand.

Weirdo. I told him to smile and this is what I got.

Logan and his trusty side kick, Ol' Blue.
He loves this bike. He would sleep with it if we let him.

If you look really close, you can see a speck in the top left corner of the grass. That would be a boy and girl who were (very) busy making out and rolling around all over each other right next to this (very) public trail.

They were much closer to us, but then our fun and noise (i.e. my annoying voices I was using to get Ferdinand to look at the camera) relocated them a few trees further down the trail. So finally, I was able to get this picture without having to photoshop it to make it family friendly. :-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Is this not the cutest Tin Man you've ever seen? It was very serious business being the Tin Man.

At our Trunk-or-Treat that was rained out. Complete with his ax. Thanks Ben!

The whole gang. Yes... we were the only adults dressed up at the party. :-) Well almost. But we would have crushed a 3 year old's dreams and hopes of having the whole OZ gang as a family. Logan's been planning this and talking about this for so long that there's no way we couldn't dress up.

As soon as I was in costume he started calling me Dorothy. "Where are you going Dorothy? Why are you doing that Dorothy? Dorothy, what is that? Sometimes it was even "Dorothy Mommy". It was quite funny.

After this we went to Pizza Pie Cafe with some friends. We went trick-or-treating to a few houses too and these were the goods...

Sunday night we had a creepy Halloween dinner at the Nelsons. Complete with crusty foot meatloaf, bony rolls, chopped finger salad, chopped fingers and dip, pigs guts (potato, onion and squash hash... it was super good!), and melted wicked witch puddle. And of course it wouldn't be complete without a talking wicked witch center piece. :-)

My masterpiece bloody foot. I know, I know... what can I say? Sculpting meatloaf is my hidden talent.

Playing marbles with Grandma Kaye

Saturday morning we made pumpkin pancakes.

Friday we went to Halloween story time at the library. Afterward they turned on "Monster Mash" music and let the kids dance. Way cute.

Tuesday we painted/poked/carved pumpkins. And amazingly, Hoodoo (in the background) didn't have any painted fur at the end of the night.

Happy Halloween!