Tuesday, February 19, 2008

two teeth

Logan finally got his first two bottom teeth at about 8 months. Not that they actually do much for him right now, but at least the painful process is over until next time. The few days of teething pain wasn't so bad, it was that, followed by an ear infection, followed by getting very sick with a bad cough that made for a miserable 2 weeks. This is the best proof of the two new-comers I can show you for now. :-)

the power of cheerios

Back in January we discovered the great power of cheerios... how did I not know about this great secret before now? Sure they are a great, semi-nutritious snack, but wow they have the power to entertain for a very, very long time. Trips to the store (and church!) are a breeze now as long as I have a portable container of "O's" with me. Logan focuses so hard on just picking up one cheerio (actually getting it into his mouth is another story), it takes him forever but he loves it and is developing motor skills at the same time. What did moms ever do before Cheerios came around?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

free book!

So, I realize that I promised my mom today that I would do a post about Logan, but this post on Suze Orman's book couldn't wait. Sorry Mom. :-)

If you watched Oprah today (2/13/08) then you already know that Suze Orman has written a great book titled Women and Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny and has offered it free to download on Oprah.com until tomorrow (2/14/08) at 5 pm (not sure which time zone). To get it, go to Oprah's website and the link will be about half way down the page. Just by my observation of today's Oprah, this book seems to be a powerful resource for women. Enjoy.