Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mullet No More!

For a long time we embraced Logan's mullet, but today I had had enough of it and decided I was finally ready to accept that my baby was old enough to get a hair cut. The unfortunate part was that I decided to do it myself tonight before bedtime...not so bueno.

I was just going to trim off the mullet and a little off the bangs, but my scissors just kept on cutting and this is what we got. wow. In my defense, though, Logan would not stay still for one millisecond, so I got a snip here and snip there and, well, you can see the finished product below for yourself. I think we'll make a trip to the salon this week.

Funny thing is who knew a hair cut could be so emotional for a mom. I actually cried after I took the first big snip...and the second... and the third! I was a mess! What a baby.

Before the cut

Check out the mullet!

After the cut....I feel the same way kid

The back view


I'll post pictures of the first real hair cut when it happens (hopefully soon!). Stay tuned for better hair. Until then, go ahead, laugh it up.