Monday, November 30, 2009

HAPPY birthday

I love mother; she loves me.
We love daddy, yes sirree.
We have a garbage disposal now, so you see...
We are a HAPPY fam-i-ly!

Thanks to all the wonderful birthday wishes I got on my birthday - it really made my day!

And thanks to my hubby who gave me the dreamiest, melt-your-heart-iest gift ever: a garbage disposal!

I know I've turned into my mom, who always left me baffled with requests of new dish towels and kitchen utensils for her birthday and Christmas. But now I understand: when your sink doesn't smell for the first time in three years and dishes are much more pleasant to do - everyone wins! Yea! {insert non-pregnant jumping up and down and cheering here. Wait. Who am I kidding? There has been no jumping, really, since before I birthed a child. ha ha.}

Here she is...ain't she a beauty? I really was excited to make food just so I could shove it down the disposal. And of course Ben let me take the first spin.

Mr. installation himself. With much thanks to his electrical coach (Dad) and a plumbing mentor who wished to remain anonymous. Thanks Ben!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Attitude of Grattitude

Ben and I got the chance to speak in Sacrament Meeting today in our new ward. Well, it's not completely new. Just 2 weeks ago our ward was dissolved and was split between two other existing wards. Crazy, but very exciting.

Anyway, we got the chance to speak on gratitude and that's just what I needed. While researching the topic, I came across this site on and loved it. There are short videos to watch and quotes to read and it completely lifted my spirits.

I thought I'd share - so here's the link if you've been feeling sorry for yourself or need a lift today:

Here's to a season of gratitude, thinking of others more than ourselves, and questioning at the end of every day, "How have I seen the hand of the Lord in my life today?" Happy (soon to be) Thanksgiving!

(And because posts are better with pictures, here's a trip we took to the temple back in August)

My Cowboys

I love fall and all that comes with it...including these two cowboys.
Yes, I know Halloween is already 3 weeks past, and we're already moving on to Christmas music here at our house, but this is mostly for the grandmas!

Apparently being a cowboy is serious business. Here's L with his painted pumpkin, cowboy boots, fringed chaps and sheep skin vest. Yeehaw!

Trick-or-treating. He was more obsessed with all the pumpkins on people's porches than he was about the candy.

We went to the Red Barn pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins. You can't tell by this pic, but Logan could hardly contain himself. He was so obsessed this year with "Hoween Punkins!"

We also went to Gardner Village to hunt for witches and of course Logan located all the pumpkins as well.