Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pregnancy (version 2.0)

This pregnancy version 2.0 is new and improved over version 1.0. But still, somehow, it has taken the backseat to many other things. Before my mid-section grew to be a bowling ball, I actually forgot I was pregnant most of the time.

There have been requests for pictures and updates, so here we go.

I actually started a pregnancy update post two months ago and never posted it, so here are pregnancy updates as of two months ago.

As of February:

30 weeks

1. I've reached the point where it is really uncomfortable to have Logan sit on my lap for story time and songs. Sad!

2. Tums have become my new best friend.

3. I really love soap. Like... I love it so much I could sit and sniff it all day. And....I love it so much I want to eat it. :-) My favorites so far are Comet, Cascade, my face soap, that nasty powder hand soap that you find in rest stops along the freeway, and my mom's hand sanitizer. Odd, I know. Freakish even? Perhaps.

4. I feel and look like I should be delivering next month, but really I still have three months ahead of me.

30 weeks

5. I REALLY love Fun Dips. Correction. I REALLY love the Fun Dip sticks. I could eat just the sugary tasteless sticks and throw all the powder away, but I eat the powder to make the stick last longer. I think they should make a whole package of just the Fun Dip sticks to sell. Forget the "dipping" part.

6. It now takes almost a full 20 seconds just to turn over in bed.

7. Baby boy is now big enough to shake my belly when he moves. He slides, rolls and glides around rather than kicks these days.

8. Waddling has set in. So much so that I was even asked the other day if I was limping and injured. Nope. That's just the waddle.

As of Now (35 weeks along)

35 weeks

1. Tums are still my best friend.

2. Fun Dips still come in a close second place.

3. And if powder soap tasted as good as it smelled then it would tie for second place best friend too.

4. As of last week my belly was measuring 37 cm. Most likely this babe's gonna be a big one too. Go big or go home, er.... right?

5. The energy that came back in second trimester has now been zapped again.

6. No names picked out yet although Logan calls him Lincoln most of the time.

7. Getting off the couch is now a two-step process: (1) scoot to edge of couch then (2) hoist up and out.

8. Unlike pregnancy 1.0, I have many, many, many braxton hicks everyday.

9. And unlike pregnancy 1.0, the swelling is not nearly as bad this time with exception of my hands. I feel like I have carpel tunnel and early arthritis because of the swelling. It has made me really appreciate my normal dexterity that I miss so dearly!

10. Logan tries to feel the "baby brudder" kick and insists on kicking him back.

11. Besides stressing out about getting everything done before baby comes (next post) I am actually feeling great!

35 weeks - can't wait!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Logan in Action

Here are a couple videos that I didn't have energy to include in the last post.

Logan loves anything having to do with the prophets... pictures of prophets and apostles, Follow the Prophet song and Latter-Day Prophets song. Anyway, I don't even know where he got this random paper of the First Presidency and Apostles, but I was amazed to see what he knew.

As mentioned in the last post, Lo loves "playing" hop scotch and here he is in action:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Terrible Two's

I title this post "The Terrible Two's" not as an ode to Logan, but because TWO complete months have passed by me, void of any updates in the blogging world!

Considering it's almost midnight and we have a 5 am waker-upper whose name starts with "L" and ends with "ogan", I'll only update a smidgen tonight.

2 months of life, Logan style:

To maintain a balanced lifestyle, Logan makes it a point to do Yoga daily.

Just in case he decides to ride his "Giddy-up horse" through water, he'll be safe. :-)

Autonomy. Curse that word. Don't get me wrong, I love that Logan is getting more independent... but when it comes to dressing one's self I am MUCH less judgmental now.

When I see a child wearing nasty sweats and a dirty, mismatched shirt in the grocery store, instead of assuming the parents don't have descent clothes to dress their child in, I now think to myself, "Let me guess, your child dressed himself today too?" :-)

Since Logan has been insisting on dressing himself, not only does dressing take a full 30 minutes, but it also means he picks out his clothes which almost ALWAYS include "campy pants" (comfy pants) and either his race car shirt or his dinosaur shirt. Never mind that he wore his race car shirt 3 times this week already. Never mind that his dino shirt is neon orange and his pants are blue. And never mind trying to change his outfit before going out in public because convincing him, picking out new clothes and changing him would take a whole extra hour.

In a odd way I am actually really proud of Logan's mismatched outfits and incorrectly placed shoes.

Puzzle-mania. Logan lives for puzzle building. This is his newest jig-saw puzzle (yes, Ben did have to help him with this one). Thanks Marmie!

And because some puzzles, apparently, aren't challenging enough, they must be done upside down as well.

"Etcha-sketching" otherwise known as playing hopscotch.

For those who aren't in the know when it comes to Curious George (another obsession), there is an episode about hopscotches. One day (yes, it was warm outside... never mind that Logan insisted on wearing his coat and snow boots) I decided to make a hopscotch for him and he LOVED it.

More updates to follow shortly...