Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Best Father's Day EVER... or not

Ben had the best father's day ever this year. Let me tell you about it.


We spent the weekend at Zermat Resort (much thanks to Ben's work retreat that was held there). Friday night spouses were invited for a work dinner, then we stayed that night while the boys had a sleep over at Grandma Kaye's (thanks a billion again!). Night #2 we brought the boys back to Zermat with us to play and all had a sleep over in the hotel room.

Father's day began at 1 am when we woke up to Logan' crying. Not sure what the problem was. Ben gets out of bed and lays down on the floor with Logan to sing him back to sleep.

2 am-ish: wake to Logan again. Ben gets out of bed to comfort Logan while I get a garbage can thinking that Lo is going to spew. He never did. We give him medicine.

Some other ghastly early-morning hour: Logan is wimpering. Ben gets out once again to comfort him.

8 am: We wake up. He gets breakfast in bed. Oh wait, I mean Ben takes about 20 trips out to the van to load all our bags etc. In the rain.

9:15 am: Somehow the bathroom door gets locked and shut with our things still in the bathroom. Ben goes to request help from maintenance.

9:30 am: I help Logan color a picture and write a note to Ben in a card from the dollar store, all while Ben is in the hotel room with us. He tries to act surprised when Logan gives it to him.

10 am - noon: he drives two hours (listening to Tangled the whole way) to Tremonton to have his favorite lunch of all time... er, um... Arby's.

2 pm-ish: Stop in Dubois, ID (where they have nice bathrooms, by the way).

2 pm - 5pm: I take over driving and we end up in Butte, MT with all three boys crying and nauseated from mtion-sicknes because apparently I'm an awful driver, especially in a van.

5 pm: Ben has a delicious Father's Day dinner of stale chicken tenders and jo-jo's from Safeway that we eat in the van because there wasn't anywhere else to sit.

5 pm - 9:30 pm: Ben takes over driving again. :-)

9:30 pm: Logan's asleep and Lincoln refuses to go to sleep even though he's dog-tired. Cries off and on for about an hour.

10:40 ish - 11:40: Linc finally drifts off and so do I, in the back seat where I was trying to help Linc. Ben drives by himself, at night, in silence, over the pass and into Spokane.

Late: Ben unloads the van and packs our luggage in.

Happy Father's Day honey! You spent all day proving, once again, what a hard worker you are, why I love you so much and showing the stuff that great Dads are made of. You're the best and I hope I can make it up to you over the next two weeks.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forgotten Videos

Here are just some random videos from May...

The many faces of Lincoln (this was actually a while ago... maybe March?).

A few weeks ago Logan was asked to share a scripture in Primary for the first time. We picked one out that had to do with the Restoration of the Gospel - James 1:5 - and Logan was able to memorize it.

To help him learn it we drew a picture of what the scripture meant and practiced it over and over, every day for a week and a half. We even went over to the church and he got to practice walking up to the pulpit reverently, looking the audience in the eyes, talking into the mic without laughing and sitting down reverently. He loved it and felt so big!

He did so well that Sunday, doing it just like he practiced. He didn't even need his blue "cheat sheet" to look at. It was priceless to watch. It was so sweet and you could tell he was so proud of himself.

This was the first day he practiced... and don't worry, by the time Sunday rolled around he was saying "lack" instead of "black" :-)

Passing out is something Lincoln does often. Logan did it for a short period of time when he was about 18 months or 2 years old, but Lincoln has done it from a very young age.

When he gets hurt or mad enough he'll cry so hard and has a hard time catching his breath and stops breathing and then eventually passes out. Since this is so much a part of what Lincoln does I wanted to capture it to remember what it was like. At this time, he would pass out about 2 times a week. He might only pass out about once every other week now. Poor guy.

(And, no, we didn't provoke this one just to make it happen. We just happened to be near our camera when the episode started).

One day Logan came home from church and while I was making lunch (the usual Sunday afternoon mac 'n cheese) he was busy crafting something in the living room. First he came and got the scissors and from the living room I heard mumbles about cutting a string. Then he got the tape out. I didn't realize what he was doing until he brought me his very own "kite" made from the string of a deflated balloon and a piece of paper he had colored on earlier.

I couldn't not let him "fly" his own kite on such a windy day, and this is what it looked like. He loved it. Inventive little boy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Favorite

I've been looking at a lot of pictures on my computer today, but I think this could very possibly be my favorite.

Had I been able to remember his password, this would have been the shiny new picture on his Facebook account. Maybe next time, eh?
(This is where you make a mental note to never share your passwords with me... )

Love you Ben!

(Taken at Finn's birthday party. By the way, those sandwiches were delicious Andy!)