Thursday, January 17, 2008

this little pig went to market...

Anyone who knows my mother-in-law can testify of her out-of-this-world-ability to find great deals at thrift stores. A couple of months ago I was with her at a DI up in Salt Lake and Logan needed jammies, so I thought I would browse to see their "selection" and low and behold I found these adorable green striped jammers. I was very proud of my find to say the least. Cute, right?....

I thought so too, until I got them home to find a HOLE in the left toe! Lame! I thought to look for food stains, poo stains, broken snaps, and every other believable damage an infant is capable of rendering to his pj's... who knew an infant could even develop a hole in the left toe of his pajamas? That poor kid must have had one fat toe to do that kind of damage. My heart goes out to him. Looks like I haven't inherited my mother-in-law's luck quite yet. I give that thrift store experience two toes down for sure.

tp anyone?

So... call me a bad Mom, I don't care. There was one morning that was particularly tired, Logan was awake and ready to play for the day, but I, on the other hand, was not. But playing in his crib just wouldn't do, so I brought him in on my bed to play while I "rested" some more. Lacking some toys, I grabbed a roll of toilet paper (which we have due lack of kleenex) that was on my nightstand and thought, "this should keep him entertained." Well I couldn't have dozed off for more than 10 minutes and this is what I woke up to find!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Traditions and Food

So, it seems like a common thread running through most of our family traditions is FOOD! While we were in Spokane we felt the need to pack in every tradition we could into the 2-week period, so we found ourselves eating a lot and a lot of crap at that! This trip sure didn't help my efforts to lose the last of my baby weight, but it sure was tasty!

Right over the ID border there is a fancy resort in Coeur d'lene that puts up great Christmas lights out around the boardwalk walk each year, and each year we've made a tradition of going out into the freezing cold to walk around the boardwalk to see them all.

Well...the real reason we go to see the resort lights is for the dessert afterwards! These babies are huge! Our favorite is the Butterfinger Sundae... I mean if you're gonna eat a sundae then you should eat a SUNDAE, right? The dish was larger than Logie's head.

Thank goodness for Williams Sonoma who make these wonderful little ice cream sandwich makers. My mom and I tested them out and had a blast. Thanks for the fun gift, Mom and Dad!

Then there was the girl's brunch at my sister's house (in the middle below). Two of my sisters, my mom and I and all the kids had yummy soup and salad and other delectable delights while doing what girls do best...talking. :-)

And then there was the New Year's Eve fondue bash! We had large quantities of meats, veggies and tempura for our oil and broth fondue pots, not to mention all the specialty cheeses and crackers, salads and bread. Then my sister broke out the twinkies and oreos which were dipped in pancake batter and deep-fried-fondued. Props to my sis, they were actually good! And to top it off, as the party went on my Dad made his famous scones which are so delicious!

No pic to document this one, but we also have a tradition of getting burgers at d.lish where they throw a whole slice of onion onto your burger. Needless to say I am surprised I came home weighing the same as I did before!

Logan's First Christmas!

This year we went up to Spokane, where I am from, to spend Christmas with the Johnsons. For my birthday/Christmas present Ben bought me a new camera (yea!) so now people can stop asking if our 5-year old digital camera is an under-water camera (yes, someone actually asked Ben that question once).

Logan had a blast opening presents and staring at the Christmas tree lights.

But I'm pretty sure the part of "opening presents" he really liked was shoving everything into his mouth.

Logan and my mom (Nana). Thanks for the new keys!

Where's Logan? ( I promise we don't normally walk around trying to suffocate our child).

We went up to my brother's house in Spokane one night for dinner and game night with my 5 nephews.

My new skill: conquering the toy basket.