Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stop Your Crying

I have to share one of my favorite birthday presents from last November because they have taken my cooking to a whole new dimension...ok, maybe not. But they've at least made it a bit more bearable.

My Onion Goggles!
A couple weeks before my birthday, I was browsing through a kitchen store with my mom, drooling over all the fun kitchen gadgets that I can't justify buying, and I saw these onion goggles. I laughed and told my mom that I really need these and then put them back on the shelf. And low and behold, what was in my birthday package from Mom two weeks later? Onion goggles, of course.

These babies are amazing. Do they look nerdy? Yes. But I don't care! It is incredibly exhilarating to be able to stand over an onion and cut it without having to squint through the tears and pain, sniffling so my runny nose doesn't drip into my food. (ok, that's gross). Normally Ben has to cut the onions when I cook because he wears contacts and it doesn't bother him, but not anymore. I love these things!

So anyone who is sensitive to onions and cooks a lot, these are for you! Thanks a million Mom. :-)

Logan loves them too.

PS) I absolutely loved all of my birthday presents, a big thank you to all. :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009


(Note: this post is more for my journaling purposes. Anyone looking for a Logan post will have to wait a few more days. :-)

Today in Primary we started learning the new song for the month: How Firm a Foundation. I was so impressed with how well the kids actually picked up on the song considering it is from the Hymnal and includes some pretty difficult words. While the kids were learning the song phrase by phrase, I was able to really think about the words:

How Firm a Foundation, ye Saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word!
What more can he say than to you, he hath said,
Who unto the Savior,
Who unto the Savior,
Who unto the Savior for refuge have fled?

Fear not, I am with thee; oh be not dismayed,
For I am thy God and will still give thee aid.
I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by my righteous, upheld by my righteous,
Upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand.

The children being born in these days are so strong they amaze me. It makes me proud to be a mom at this time and yet frightened think of the great responsibility to help build their foundations in these impressionable years.

I also love primary because it has given me the chance to really strengthen my own foundation of knowledge, beliefs and testimony. Yes, it is very trying at times, but I love being able to focus on the basic principles of the gospel that I all too often take for granted. After all the deep waters and fiery trials we have to wade through, our foundation rooted deep in Christ is what keeps us standing in the end. It was just an ah-ha moment for me, that's all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Having Too Much Fun

I've been taking Logan to the gym almost everyday with me to play in the child care and he loves it. He plays hard everyday for a good hour and a half. Today, though, he came home completely wiped out. This was right after we got home and I was making my lunch when I turned around to see this:

Poor guy. It's that horrible feeling when you're falling asleep in the car or airplane (or church...) and don't have anywhere to lay your head, so you just bob for a while while you try to fight off the drowsiness.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Carli Update

What was once this...

Carli Marie McSpadden - abt 2 weeks old

Is now this!

Big Brother, Avery, and Carli - 3 months old

And the best part of all is that she was finally discharged from the NICU just last week, just shy of her original due date in February.

For those of you who didn't see my
first post on Carli, she is my niece and was born when she was only 25 weeks along, weighing in at a whopping 1 lb 11 oz!
I don't have her most current weight but she is over 5, possibly 6 lbs now. She is healthy, but was sent home with an apnea monitor, just for precaution.

She's a little miracle. Welcome home Carli!