Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ninja Obsessed

Alright... I've taken a blogging hiatus... just about all year long.  And there is SO much I've missed blogging on.  And there is NO way I'm catching up at this point. However, there are a few posts that I can't leave behind, one of which is Logan's birthday party.

My little Lo turned 6 this year.  And he's now a half year older too. Time, slow down!
This kid is obsessed with all things ninja so of course he opted for a ninja party.

 So excited to color, cut and paste the invites by  himself.

a few decorations

We played 3 games: color your own ninja star, find your secret ninja name and DIY nun-chucks.

As guests came they got to pick a karate belt (courtesy of DI) and a ninja headband that I whipped up 10 minutes before the party started :)

Logan put together his own party favors: fortune cookies and tiny toy ninjas in a take-out box

Cousins Finn and Merc


Rob, Lo and Kyler

Hard at work making nun-chucks

After the 3 short games the wee ninjas all headed out to the backyard for some intense karate lessons.

Simple food table.

Then the karate began!

We got Mercer to come be a helper for the party and to teach the little ninjas some karate moves and drills. 
Merc really did an awesome job. Really! He took charge of the group like no other 11 year old I've seen before.  And of course all the boys listened and obeyed his instructions right away.

Mercer took them through ducking and jumping drills and Jungle Run.

Lincoln was quite comical to watch.  :)  They all took it so seriously!

Love this shot of Merc... I think this was a roundhouse demonstration? Maybe? It was too long ago to remember :)

After karate practice it was cake time.  
The cake was nothing special... box cake mix and can frosting.  But Logan loved it! And OF COURSE he requested that the cake be a red ninja. His favorite.

Love this guy - best party Dad ever!

Logan loved his ninja party and loved getting to have all his best friends over at once.  He was in pure ninja heaven for the day.  And he and Lincoln STILL wear their ninja headbands around almost daily.  I love my wee ninjas!


Megan Cook said...

Such a fun party!

Kaye said...

So much fun! Glad you are "catching up" on blogging. Seems like no one is blogging anymore and it's so fun to read posts!

Emily said...

So I'm super slow at reading your blog and even though it was a bit ago it's good to see your cute family. Seriously cute!