Monday, July 23, 2012

June Leftovers

 Last month we decided to hike to the Y one early Saturday morning and luckily our friends, the Thackers, joined us.  It had been a while since either Ben or I had hiked that trail, and Logan had never done it before. Seriously 5 steps into the hike Logan tripped and totally scratched up his leg. Of course, poor guy. I lost count of how many times he complained and whined on the way up, but he did it! And he was amazed at how HUGE the Y is once you get up there. He's just used to seeing the little speck of a Y on the mountain. 

Logan and Peter on the way up

The dads half way up... Ben got to carry Linc-o and I got to carry the water and snacks. Thanks babe!

Peter, Logan and Paige at the top. I love how it looks like they're just sitting on the edge of a cliff - no biggie. 

Group shot at the top

Crappy picture but it's the best view out to the lake that we got.

The hike was much shorter than I remember from last time - but I was also in better shape this time around.

Brianne and myself and a wiped out Peyton.

And an early Saturday morning is never complete without a Provo Bakery visit.  We took our doughnuts to Lo's t-ball game right after.

And last month I also went to the Manti Pageant with my Relief Society. Turned out there were only a handful of sisters who went but it was a blast!  And it was also blasted hot that day. 

I have never been a fan of the Manti temple just from looking at pictures, but oh my, it is one of the most beautiful temples I've seen now that I've been there in person.  It is amazing to see up on the hill, especially as you're driving into Manti.

Pamela Hales, Vinetta Eyre, Me, Fawn Christensen

We ate dinner there (smoked turkey - yum!) and of course I couldn't pass up a snow cone.  Even despite missing my usual cream on the top, it was a heavenly break from the heat. 

Confession: I always take my own carton of cream with me anytime we get snow cones (which is often). Why? Because I like to put on a smidge more than the snow cone people put on. And I like to eat the top layer then add more. Yes, so healthy, I know.  And I also get the same flavor every time - Raspberry Coconut. I'm addicted.  And no this isn't a pregnant thing - I do it every summer. :)
I couldn't help falling asleep on the way home, but luckily we made good time and got in at 1:15 am.  I'm so glad I went!

And last but not least this is what I found one night while checking on the boys - Lincoln taken over by all his furry friends.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Logan the 5 year old

Wowsa - this week has been full of emotions and has left me a bit drained.  How many decisions can be made in one day? Way too many.  How many times can a  girl change her mind in one day? Way too many. 

And has it really been a month since my last post??  Usually I am fully aware of the time that is lapsing while I drag my feet to the next blog post, but this past month has been a blink of the eye.  But with Ben night-fishing on the Provo river right now and my house practically spotless from a showing earlier today, I find myself with an extra hour for spending on the blog (and a sneaky chance to eat a chocolate Creamy at the same time). Woo!

BUT, before I go on about our house, the 4th of July, and a much needed vacation, I have to post on Logan's 5th birthday!!  His day was too special and he's too sweet to skip over.
So...way back on May 22nd Logan turned 5! 

The first half of his day was pretty typical.  We sang Happy Birthday to him in Portuguese (our family tradition) and Ben made him waffles. Then after playing at the gym, running errands, a Happy Meal and a nap, he had a fantastic Star Wars birthday party with his friends.

The boy truly thinks there are real Jedi Knights and real light sabers and believes that some day he'll own one.  He LIVES Star Wars, sings the song at least 3 times each day and reenacts it at least 5 times daily. :)  So when I asked him what kind of party he wanted, what else should I have expected??

It was a hot but fun afternoon filled with...

marshmallow star cruiser building

Light saber padawan training courtesy of Ben

And light saber games that failed...

...and led to man-to-man combat :)

snacks (simple and nothing fancy: pop corn, apples and cheese)

a special mission to locate and destroy the Death Star (i.e. scavenger hunt leading to a pinata)



and LOTS of more light saber wars

And the wonderful helpers Jera, Ben...

and Desi

Luke, Luke, Vader (Duck, Duck, Goose)

Aunt Andy and Lincoln

And where else are you supposed to put your light saber while riding a bike?

love my boy!

After the party we had pizza with Marmie, Desi, Gamps and us and opened family gifts.  Logan promptly went outside to practice his baseball skills with his new bat, glove and balls. 

He had such a blast with his friends he's already planning his 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th birthdays. 

Logan has grown up so much in the past year and has become such a helper.  Saying "I love you" and giving kisses have become a bit more embarrassing for him, too.  He loves racing and playing with his brother when Linc-o follows his orders. He gets super frustrated when he doesn't get his way.  He is so proud of his bike-riding skills  and can't wait for kindergarten.  He still talks many decibels louder than he should but his laugh is infectious. He could read books all day long, especially ones about Lego's and Star Wars.  I love my Logan and every little quirk that makes him who he is. 

And last but not least, I was finally able to get a few good 5 year old pics of him while in Washington too. And I love that I didn't have to pose him - I just said, "go over by that fence" and this is what came out. :)  What a handsome fellow if I do say so myself: