Sunday, April 15, 2012

#3 on the way

This is probably common knowledge by most people who look at this blog, but we're expecting again!  Baby Parker is due November 6th-ish.

I had my first appointment a week and a half ago and they were able to see a heart beat which put me at great ease.   Here's the picture they got, although the embryo resembles more of a bean than a baby.

For some reason I have been really worried about this baby. Since I found out I was pregnant, I was rattled because I felt no symptoms at all (just like my first pregnancy which ended as a miscarriage).  And even on the pregnancy tests, the lines were so light and barely visible. Then at week 6 I finally started feeling sick, but even this whole time the symptoms have been pretty light.  So walking into my first appointment I was extremely nervous, and when the dr. couldn't hear a heartbeat tears just started streaming down my face.

At this office they don't usually do an ultrasound until week 20, but my doctor saw my reaction and he told me  he couldn't have me leaving the office nervous like that so he wheeled in the ultrasound machine. He found the embryo right away and showed me, but then said he had to turn the screen away to look at it. I thought for sure he wasn't going to find a heart beat, but alas, he did. The baby measured small, but my ovulation days are later than typical, so he thought the measurement was ok. 

Once we felt more reassured about the pregnancy we finally told Logan the news.  Haha. I wish I would have recorded it because he was NOT happy.  He just got an extremely worried look on his face and expressed great concern that it would just get into his toys (just like Lincoln does).  He's so perturbed by his brother these days that the thought of another one to bug him does not have him thrilled. Since then we've reassured him that this baby will be doing nothing but eating and sleeping, and that it could even be a girl. That's what he's holding out for - a girl.  I asked him what we should name her if it was a girl and he said, "Little Cutie."

Anyway, we're super excited to be adding another baby to our family... now let's just hope we can be moved and settled into a new place sooner than 1 week before my due date, like last time. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Star Wars is all the rage around the Parker house these days. Even Lincoln sings the Imperial March over and over. Anyway, despite Logan's love of Star Wars, he can't ever pronounce "R2-D2" correctly. Ever.